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In The Name Of God

A Summary of  ANDAKI SAYEH  ( A Little Shade)  written by Ahamad Bigdeli , the best selected novel of the year 2006. This novel won the first prize of The Islamic republic Of Iran 24th  literary competition.


ANDAKI SAYEH , a short novel written in a poetic form , is about three middle-aged men two of them have been the early school friends ,now, in a day travelling to Zayandeh Roud* valley they recount their memories and at the end  these memories bring the story to a perfect point. The story has been told in the first person point of view and it starts with the writer inner telling and little by little  expanded by describing both the Zayandeh Roud shore beauties and the memories which come to his mind. At the beginning part it is Dr.Iraj Azadeh And a portraiture  by the name Vaghefi ,in searching  to find some old pictures , come to meet the isolated retired teacher (the writer). They try to remember the labor strike proceedings in 1950 in a southern oil rich city which have now forgotten for more than half a century. These bittrer and bloody memories form the second part of the story which is about a dastardly murder in Ashoura*(10th of Moharram)  strike incidents. The murdered ,Hadi, is the British mercenary who once has been very cruel to the poor defenceless rural people.He is  now leaded by a preacher , Reza Rishi , and  finds salvation. Joining to the labor strike , Hadi repents and revolts  against the government forces. They all want to  nationalize the oil industry. But the dubious muder of  Michael, a British commander ,  and people's unpleasant memories of Hadi's disastrous deeds make the government and the labor uprising opponents to kill Hadi. This murder is done by a mercenary, Karam Siah, consequently the laborers'  revolution is suppressed. Through the story there are some other parables designed to complete the meaning of the whole story. Among them are ; the little five year old boy disappearing which the writer never fails to remember ;  submerging of the emigrant ducks into the tar lake ; the dream of Hadi's parents about his death ; arresting of Naddaf's father ,one of the rebel workers ;  and the roaring  river ,Zayandeh Roud, with it's fish throwing themselves out of the water as if they are never afraid of dying. The reader of the story senses a little shade on all of the story characters. This helps us walk into a foggy room of adventures , that happen  both in dream and real world.


A brief extract of chapter 1 , ANDAKI SAYEH.

Beside my own ten year old I was standing , looking at the fallen ducks into the tar lake. – Which duck you mean mother?                                                                                                         I climbed up the mound around and told her " those ducks who fly over the lake in the moonlit nights.                                                                                                                                          – Maybe they go to the summering places.                                                                                        – But the moonlight misleads them. They think there's the limpid water below.Mother frowned and stared at the black smooth surface on which a bad smell of burnt oil was spreading. She groaned:                                                                                                                  - What a pity !!!  It seems to be doomsday.                                                                                         Mother's face was blue.. the bright blue .. so much bright that her tears sliding on her cheek could be seen in the reflection of the light. She cleaned her rolling tears with her kerchief margin.   She bent over the ground and prayed for tens of birds sinking in the tar lake.


Zayandeh Roud= A river that gives water , life and beauty to Isfahan (one of the big cities in Iran).

Ashoura= 10th of Moharam , the day in which one of Moselms' Leader , Imam Hossein, was martyred.

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